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Introducing Fides Compass

Fides Compass provides deep intelligence about commonly used third-party vendors to automate data mapping and consent, getting you to a state of global privacy compliance quickly. Learn everything about what Fides Compass does, and how, in this blog post.

Introducing Fides Compass

Data mapping is a painstakingly slow process, requiring meticulous data entry and an in-depth knowledge of all vendor ecosystems. Finding accurate information about how and why vendors process personal data is challenging and requires deep privacy knowledge. Manual entry is labor-intensive, and can result in missed information that can lead to compliance risks. 

That’s why we built Fides Compass, the Privacy Engineering Intelligence dictionary. Compass provides deep intelligence about commonly used third-party vendors to automate data mapping and consent, accelerating your path to global privacy compliance.

Read on to learn more about how Fides Compass works, and how it helps you automate data mapping, consent, and compliance with global regulations. 

Automate data mapping

Fides Compass automates the process of data mapping by autocompleting all of the vendor information that is required to create compliant reports, process privacy requests, and serve the correct consent notices. Compass leverages Fides’ deep privacy knowledge to provide comprehensive intelligence for 1000+ commonly used third-party vendors, including how and why they process personal data, which types of personal data they process, how long they retain this data, and all other information required to create globally compliant reports.

Automate consent

In order to serve the correct consent notices and enforce consumer consent preferences, your organization needs to know which vendors are used and for which business purposes. Fides Compass can automate this process by inventorying all systems, identifying the vendors, and classifying them by purpose so that your consent notices are compliant with global privacy regulations. Compass also provides the list of web trackers that Fides Consent uses to automate cookie suppression.

Automate global compliance 

Complying with global privacy regulations requires a real-time view of all data being processed in your organization. Using Fides Compass to automate data mapping will make it easy to generate complete and accurate compliance reports, such as a record of processing activities (RoPA), which is required under Article 30 of Europe’s GDPR. 

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