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Podcast Feature: Talk Python Podcast

Our Senior Software Engineer Thomas La Piana recently featured on the popular Talk Python Podcast where he and host Michael Kennedy spoke about all things software engineering, privacy, and of course, Python! Watch the talk here.

I recently went on the highly-popular Python-focused podcast Talk Python to Me, where I spoke with host Michael Kennedy about all things Python, privacy, and software engineering. 

From the implications of privacy regulations on software engineers in general, to the specifics of the Fides open-source privacy management platform that the Ethyca team and I are working on, Michael and I try to help other developers navigate the complexities of data privacy.

One of the ways we try to do this at Ethyca is by building tools for engineers to tackle privacy in a way that engineers actually like, such as with automated tooling, CI checks, open-source, YAML files, and of course, the Python language. 

With the Fides open-source privacy engineering platform, privacy requirements your organization needs to meet, like consent management, privacy request fulfillment, and data mapping, are easy, free, and automated.

Watch or listen to the full episode down below to see how. You can also find a link to the episode here. By the end, you’ll have a better understanding of how to handle data privacy within your organization.

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