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Looking for a comprehensive consent management solution? We're the CMP choice of top privacy teams.

Consent is about more than cookies. Ethyca's privacy engineering platform has the consent capabilities to comply with all global privacy laws, from GDPR to CPRA. Collect preferences, then automtically enforce them throughout the data stack with Ethyca.

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Why Choose Ethyca?

Simple, fast, comprehensive consent

Ethyca's Privacy as Code power and standout user experience is the best way to manage consent for any global privacy law. Our platform powers fully automated data discovery, privacy classification, subject rights orchestration, and CPRA 'Do Not Sell or Share' consent propagation for cutting edge privacy compliance teams. Start building your own privacy success story by speaking to Ethyca today.

Trusted by global brands

Top teams love using Ethyca

Our team was drawn to Ethyca’s technology-first solution as a means to decrease the manual effort for our data and engineering team, while providing an intuitive, respectful UX for our community.

Josh Beser

General Counsel

Standout UX

Deliver a first-class privacy experience

From the moment users arrive on site, our tools deliver clear, unambiguous, and outstanding privacy experiences. Teams using Ethyca demonstrate a commitment to going beyond the letter of the law and delighting their users with truly respectful systems.

Robust reporting

Satisfy regulators with a privacy 'paper trail'

Demonstrating regulatory compliance is essential to fully realizing the benefits of automated privacy request processing. With one click, Ethyca’s pre-built templates generate request fulfillment logs to satisfy any auditor. This reporting capability yields huge time savings for busy privacy teams.

Safeguard SLAs

Battle-tested reliability

Privacy and trust require durable performance. For hosted customers, our highly scalable privacy request infrastructure operates with 99.9% uptime, assuring stability, peace of mind, and happy end-users.

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Our team of data privacy devotees would love to show you how Ethyca helps engineers deploy CCPA, GDPR, and LGPD privacy compliance deep into business systems. Let’s chat!

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