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Dynamic Data Maps Tools
Dynamic Data Maps Tools
Dynamic Data Maps Tools

Goodbye To Spreadsheets

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The Problem

Data Mapping

Manually assembling and maintaining a map of personal data carries high potential for human error, and buries teams in mountains of paperwork. What’s more, bringing in outside help to facilitate the exercise is expensive and time-consuming.

The Solution

Automated Data Mapping

Once Ethyca is implemented into your business’s tech stack, it monitors data flows and automatically generates a map of data processes across the entire organization. This data map allows you to build reports that are vital for regulatory compliance.

What Is Data Mapping?

& How Does Ethyca's Privacy Management Platform Help?

The idea behind a data map is simple: privacy regulations like CCPA, GDPR, and more require businesses to compile a comprehensive inventory of their personal data. The most widely used name for this document is a “data map”. It’s an ever-evolving record of what data a business collects, why they collect it, and how they process it. Understanding what’s in a data map isn’t the tricky part. Building it is. That’s where Ethyca and its world-class data mapping tools comes in. Our data mapping tools turn the task into an afternoon’s work. Without them, it can easily take a standard SMB hundreds of hours to inventory its data.

Let’s dive into how Ethyca automates each of the three key phases of data mapping.

Data Mapping Phase 1: Discovery

The discovery phase of data mapping can be a huge time-suck without help from automation data mapping tools. “Discovery” involves creating a record of every system that collects, stores, or processes user data across your business. That’s step one.

Phase 1: Data Discovery

Next, you’ll need to document the actual categories of PII each system contains. You can imagine that manually documenting the different types of data that live in all your SaaS platforms (Mailchimp, Hubspot, etc) takes considerable time. Likewise for the proprietary data structures your company has built using services like Snowflake.

Our data privacy management software is easy to use and turns this exercise into quick work. Ethyca comes loaded with pre-built data integrations to fully automate the discovery process. Once you provide a master list of platforms to be included, Ethyca’s system takes care of the rest. A fully-configured Ethyca control panel paints the full picture of your data infrastructure at the touch of a button.

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Data Mapping Phase 2: Notation

If you want to build a data map, it’s unfortunately not sufficient to know the types of PII you possess. To comply with the new CPRA and other laws, you need to understand the relationships between fields of data in your business systems.

Phase 2: Data Notation

Let’s look at a very simple example. If user John Smith lives in one SaaS platform as “Smith, John” and another as “John Smith”, your data map needs ‘notation’ to capture the fact that these records correspond to the same user.

While a manual data discovery process can land your team in the weeds, a manual data notation process will land them in the jungle. This is dense work, requiring hundreds of hours from an experienced cross-functional team…or a simple Ethyca Pro license.

We’ve documented the data structures of all the common SaaS platforms and can automatically map entity relationships between them. This results in massive time savings for your team, and a watertight data inventory.

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Data Mapping Phase 3: Maintenance

Once configured, Ethyca generates an intuitive visualization of your business data map. Congratulations! But as you may have guessed, no data map remains static for long.

Phase 3: Data Maintenance

Platforms are added and taken away. New data activities are scoped. New categories of PII are added to different platforms. Without Ethyca, maintaining an accurate data map will be a significant ongoing drain on your team’s resources.

With Ethyca, this maintenance happens automatically. Our data integrations reflect any changes to your infrastructure and allow you to service privacy requests on ongoing compliance.

Put simply, our data mapping tools save your team time at every point of the process…so they can focus on the big privacy picture.

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Data Mapping Tools Features

Automated Data Maps

Automate data mapping of system users, services and business context across multiple technologies in your stack.

Intuitive Visualization

Generate a global and granular view of your data flows with easy to use mapping visualization tools.

Granular Filtering

Remove guesswork from mapping with analysis by privacy type, processing activity, & date range.

Regulatory Reporting

Automate reports with pre-built templates that meet the privacy regulations of any jurisdiction.

The Data Map Tool In Action

Ethyca’s Automated Data Mapping Tools Supercharge Privacy Capabilities Across The Full Scope of Your Business.

PII Data Mapping Tools
PII Data Mapping Tools
PII Data Mapping Tools

Essential For CCPA:

  • Easily manage PII categories for any technology platform in your stack.
  • Instantly visualize data flows across your business systems.
  • Categorize elements of your tech stack according to their data processing purpose.
Dynamic Data Maps Tools

Privacy-Defined Filters:

  • Use the data map to easily filter data by privacy-defined type.
  • Highlight the data of highest privacy risk for any process.
  • Make quick, smart decisions about managing sensitive data business-wide.
Dynamic Data Maps Tools
Dynamic Data Maps Tools
Data Mapping Tools Reports
Data Mapping Tools Reports
Data Mapping Tools Reports

Run Customized Reports:

  • Output automated reports in CSV, PDF or custom format.
  • Filter by system users, data type, or processing activity.
  • Pre-built report templates to meet any regulatory standard, including GDPR.

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