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June 10, 2020  |  Stack Overflow

Privacy is an afterthought in the software lifecycle. That needs to change.

The key to combining privacy and innovation is baking it into the SDLC. Analogous to application security’s (AppSec) upstream shift into the development cycle, privacy belongs at the outset of development, not as an afterthought. Here’s why.

For our latest team intro, we met up with Suchi Natarajan @suchirolls , our Jr Web Developer! Suchi describes her integral role in building Ethyca's web presence, and her superpowers don't stop there. Catch our chat with the multitalented Suchi
Our next team intro: meet Nelson, one of our stellar software engineers! When we caught up with Nelson, he shared how his coding helps users take control of their #privacy, and how he's spending some of his free time diving into Roman philosophy:
Meet Bianca, part of Ethyca's stellar design team. Bianca makes things really pretty in Ethyca's product and marketing materials. Plus, she knows every podcast under the sun. She'll almost certainly recommend one within minutes of meeting you!
We celebrate all the amazing women in #privacy. In our latest team interview, we met up with privacy super-woman Kelly Huang, VP of Product. Read about Kelly's path to product leadership + favorite rituals & advice:

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