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Privacy-As-Code: Preventing Facebook’s $5B violation using Fides Open-Source

In this article, we'll use open-source privacy engineering tools to code a policy that prohibits applications from sharing data with third-parties. This was the data governance issue at stake in a 2019 ruling by the FTC against Facebook that resulted in a hefty fine.


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Facebook’s violation under FTC decree

So what happened here?

How Fides’ Privacy-as-Code could have helped

Overview of Fides integration points in code management and runtime environment

Examine our policy

  1. ## Reject Third-Party Data Sharing
  2. policy:
  3.  - fides-key: data_sharing_policy
  4.   name: Data Sharing Policy
  5.   description: The privacy policy that governs sharing of data with third parties.
  6.   rules:
  7.    name: Disallow Third-Party Marketing
  8.     description: Disallow collecting any user contact info to use for marketing.
  9.     data_categories:
  10.      matches: : ANY # If any of these data categories are being used
  11.      values:
  12.       - account
  13.       - user
  14.      data_uses:
  15.      matches: ANY # And the use of the data is for third-party sharing
  16.      values:
  17.       - third_party_sharing
  18.     data_subjects:
  19.      matches: ANY # And the data subject is a customer
  20.      values:
  21.       - customer
  22.     # And the data is identifiable, trigger a violation
  23.    data_qualifier: aggregated.anonymized.unlinked_pseudonymized.pseudonymized.identified

Policy in action


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