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Privacy Intelligence for Publishing

Breakthrough data privacy intelligence automation for the Publishing Industry
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How Fides Works in Publishing


Personal Data Discovery

Know what data you’re processing and where to prevent the biggest risks to your business. Fides identifies and labels sensitive data to provide you with a real-time view of risks across your business.

Effortless Privacy Requests

Easily respond to customer privacy requests with confidence that you can safely and compliantly retrieve, correct, and delete customer data compliantly.

True Publishing Consent

Confidently serve the right consent to your readership with a seamless user experience. Fides automatically identifies your data use and targets the right consent requirements for visitors anywhere in the world.

Privacy Engineering Intelligence for the Publishing Industry

Ethyca simplifies consumer privacy for publishing, empowering them to continue growing revenue while safely collecting and processing consumer data.

Modern-day publishers must navigate a complex landscape of consumer data privacy regulations that affect their ability to collect, process, and target consumers with data.

Ethyca’s privacy intelligence platform simplifies global privacy requirements, allowing publishers to prevent revenue loss while processing consumer data compliantly.

Fides’ breakthrough privacy platform does this by helping your business identify privacy risks, automate privacy requests, and provide true consent to your global readership.

Learn how Ethyca simplifies and accelerates privacy for your publishing business now.

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Breakthrough data privacy intelligence automation for the Publishing Industry

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