Subject Requests

Automated Data Subject Requests

Controlled From A Single Panel

Ethyca makes Subject Access, Edit, & Erasure Requests light work…or if your team prefers, no work at all.

Goodbye To Paperwork

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The Problem

Subject Rights

Most tech stacks weren’t built to respond quickly and fully to User Rights Requests, but new data regulations make this mandatory. This creates significant technology and business challenges which are most often solved poorly, manually, and at great cost.

The Solution

Automated Subject Rights

All Subject Requests compile in a single control panel where they can be batch-approved by your team. Ethyca automatically identifies all data for a given user and generates a comprehensive, rapid response to any Subject Request at zero incremental cost.

Subject Rights Request Features

Automated DSRs

Automate the return of all User Data categorized by processing activities upon request.

Automated Rectification

Automate the ability for Subjects to select and rectify their data records with Ethyca’s ability to retrieve individual attributes.

"Do Not Sell My Data"

Automate CCPA compliance by letting Ethyca process all “Do Not Sell My Data” Requests.

Auditable DSR trail

Ethyca keeps a record of Subject Requests processes to satisfy privacy regulation in any region.

Subject Requests in Action

Ethyca’s Control Panel Makes It Easy To Retrieve & Modify User Data.

One Panel To Rule Them All:

  • All Subject Requests flow into a unified control panel.
  • There, they can be reviewed and batch approved.
  • Processing & fulfillment of DSRs is 100% automatic.

Automated Subject Request:

  • Ethyca’s pre-built adaptors connect to all of your systems and retrieve specific user data points.
  • Any Subject Request can be completed by the user, with no need for admin processing.
  • Users and administrators can exercise efficient, shared control over data records on an ongoing basis.

“Do Not Sell My Data”:

  • Ethyca’s Subject Rights API allows hard delete of an entire user record in compliance with CCPA.
  • Ethyca generates an audit log for regulatory compliant proof of request completion
  • This process can be fully automated or reviewed manually at your team’s discretion.

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