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Consent Management in Fides 2.0

Introducing consent management in Fides 2.0. With the coming state privacy laws in 2023, your business needs to have granular control over users’ data and their consent preferences. Learn more about how Fides can enable this for your business, for free.


Our recently released Fides 2.0 update pushes the boundaries of what an open-source privacy solution can do for businesses and regulatory compliance. 

If you’re reading this article, you’ve likely already seen that Fides can help your business automate DSRs for free in just five minutes. Now, let’s take a closer look at how Fides can automate the rest of your business’ privacy ops, starting with consent management. 

On the user-facing side, with Fides, you can deploy a configurable Privacy Center, which will enable users to set and manage their consent preferences. On the backend, Fides’ Privacy as Code approach is uniquely suited to preserving and propagating your users’ consent preferences through the data pipeline.

Screen of configurable Privacy Center in Fides 2.0

Let’s go over what your business will be able to do with the consent intake and reporting features of Fides in more detail. 

Comply With Various State Privacy Requirements

Multiple state privacy laws will start going into effect in 2023, which means your business will need to account for each state’s requirements around user consent management practices. 

For example, California’s CPRA grants consumers stricter controls over their data, such as: “Do Not Sell or Share My Personal Data.” Other states allow users to opt out of the selling of their personal data, but not sharing. These complex requirements call for a consent approach with the power to enforce preferences in a wide range of systems, and the fine-grained control to distinguish between different types of personal data and jurisdictions.

It may seem overwhelming to account for these different states’ privacy regulations. However, Ethyca’s consent management platform will help you easily manage users’ consent preferences and navigate complex state privacy requirements. Here are some features of our free, open-source consent solution that help you comply:

Identity Verification through Email and SMS

When users want to exercise control over their consent preferences, they’ll need to verify their identity in the Privacy Center. 

Users can verify their identity by submitting their email addresses. They can also use their phone numbers to verify their identity through SMS verification. The Privacy Center will send a verification code to the user before they can access the service. 

Save and Store Consent Management Preferences

Once the user verifies their identity, they’ll be able to manually select their consent preferences. After the user chooses their preferences and clicks save, their choices are recorded and stored on the Fides server. When they access the service again, they’ll be able to see their previous choices.

Send Queries to Third-Parties via API

If you’re sharing data with other third-party vendors that require user consent, Fides includes an API you can use to integrate with your data pipeline. You’ll be able to send a query to the API with the email identity of the user, and only send the data they opted into sharing. 

Have Granular Control Over Consent for Free

What makes Fides’ consent management platform so remarkable is that it enables businesses to enforce granular control over user consent preferences for free. Our open-source solution is uniquely powerful as a privacy engineering platform, helping your business automate its privacy ops easily. 


With Fides 2.0, you’ll be able to easily deploy and configure the updated Privacy Center, and manage users’ privacy preferences. Your users’ preferences will be saved and stored directly on your servers, giving you ultimate control over user data. Our Privacy Center is set to help your company stay compliant in the new year, no matter what state it operates in.

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