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Ethyca announces end-to-end privacy rights automation for free

We’re making it free and easy to automate end-to-end DSRs in any infrastructure. This move demonstrates that the Privacy-as-Code approach, as utilized by the Fides privacy engineering platform, can redefine what’s possible for our industry.

New York, April 12 2022We’re making end-to-end automated privacy rights fulfillment available free to all, with support for owned and third-party infrastructure, by making it a core component of the Fides open-source privacy engineering platform. 

Adding subject rights automation to the Fides platform removes what has been historically a costly, complex, and labor intensive process for businesses, and demonstrates the value unlocked by a true Privacy-as-Code approach. We’re taking this step to focus privacy engineering on what really matters: not just checkbox legal compliance, but technology systems that truly respect human users.

Like many in our community, we at Ethyca believe privacy is a basic human right, and making the ability to deliver on those rights a free, default feature of every tech stack is vital to building trust in the internet. The problem of basic rights fulfillment can be solved with developer tools – it should not cost businesses six figures per month to honor user requests to access or erase their data. 

Such high fees mean legacy privacy compliance solutions can never truly deliver on the claim that “privacy rights are human rights.” 

We know that engineers and legal teams understand the huge value that can be unlocked by a developer-centric approach to privacy. A recent internal survey of 300 software engineers found that 85% believe privacy should be proactively considered as part of systems design.

A Privacy-as-Code approach imbues systems with a layer of easily-governable privacy metadata such that basics like data mapping, right to access, and right to erasure require minimal effort to facilitate on an ongoing basis. Privacy-as-Code allows frontline software engineers and legal teams to tackle data governance holistically, powerfully, together.

We’re excited to take this next step in our strategic vision to redefine what’s possible for privacy through a Privacy-as-Code approach. 

Fidesops 1.4 and Fidesctl 1.5, free and open-source tools, will be publicly available from April 12, with more open-source tools in development that will be released in the coming months. For more information, please visit

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