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Managing Resources

Command: get

The fides get command retrieves the specified resources from the Fides Server and outputs the repsonse in YAML.

When the get command is run, it will:

  1. Retrieve the specified remote resource from the Server.
  2. Output the resources as YAML on the command line.

To learn more about dataset annotation in Fides see the Dataset Annotation in Fides guide.


Usage: fides get [args] fides_key

The command will retrieve the remote resources specified by the fides_key from the Server and print the output as YAML.

Accepted arguments for this command are:

  • data_category: a specific category from the taxonomy. A valid example would be
  • data_qualifier: a specific qualifier from the taxonomy. A valid example would be aggregated.
  • data_subject: a specific data subject from the taxonomy. A valid example is customer.
  • data_use: a specific use of data from the taxonomy. A valid example is advertising.third_party.
  • dataset: a dataset that represents a collection of information in a system such as the collection of tables in a postgres database.
  • evaluation: the result of a policy evaluation check.
  • organization: the name of the organization defined in Fides.
  • policy: a Fides policy rule.
  • system: a specific system resource.

Example: Retrieve a data category from the taxonomy

This example retrieves the full data category resource for from the server and displays all properties of the data categories.

$ fides get data_category
Loaded config from: .fides/fides.toml
- description: User’s street level address data.
  is_default: true
  name: User Contact Street
  organization_fides_key: acme_inc
  tags: null

Example: Retrieve a specific system from the server

This example retrieves the system specified by the key postgres_database from the server and displays all properties of the system.

$ fides get system postgres_database
Loaded config from: .fides/fides.toml
- administrating_department: 'Data Engineering'
    is_required: false
    link: null
    progress: null
  data_responsibility_title: Controller
  description: 'Fides Generated Description for RDS Instance: postgres_database'
  fides_key: postgres_database
    endpoint_port: 3306
    resource_id: arn:aws:rds:us-east-1:513247902527:db:postgres_database
  - ecommerce_app
  - data_warehouse
  joint_controller: null
  meta: null
  name: postgres_database
  organization_fides_key: acme_inc
  - data_categories:
    - system.operations
    - user.organization
    data_qualifier: aggregated.anonymized.unlinked_pseudonymized.pseudonymized.identified
    - customer
    data_use: advertising.first_party
    dataset_references: null
    - ecommerce_app
    - data_warehouse
    name: 'Track customer details for e-commerce transactions as part of advertising.'
  - ecommerce_app
  - data_warehouse
  system_type: rds_instance
  - e-commerce
  third_country_transfers: null