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Consent Management: IAB TCF Explained

Differences between IAB TCF Europe and TCF Canada

IAB TCF may be primarily thought of as a requirement for consent in Europe under the GDPR, however IAB Canada has established a separate version of TCF to support the specific requirements of Canadian Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA).

Differences between TCF Europe and TCF Canada

Compared to IAB Europe TCF, there are a few differences in the IAB Canada TCF:

  • IAB TCF Canada does not provide the purpose of “storing and/or accessing information on a device” where IAB TCF Europe does.
  • IAB TCF Canada does not support legitimate interest as a lawful basis, or reason, to process data.
  • IAB TCF Canada changes “opt-in consent” in IAB TCF Europe to “express consent”.
  • IAB TCF Canada allows “implicit consent” if the consumer has had adequate information and policies provided to them and no * explicit object or opt-out request has been received.
  • IAB TCF Canada extends the re-consent timeline beyond the 13 month limit that IAB TCF Europe imposes.
  • If no permission has been given under IAB Canada TCF, then it must be interpreted as an explicit objection / opt-out signal.
  • In Canadian TCF a vendor must be able to demonstrate permission, where as in European TCF, a vendor must be maintain a record of consent for the user.