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SDK Reference

FidesJS: JavaScript SDK for Fides

FidesJS is a JavaScript SDK to integrate Fides consent into any website or app! Commonly referred to as a Consent Management Platform (CMP), FidesJS includes all the UI components (banners, modals, etc.), state management, and utility functions you need to collect consent & enforce data privacy in your application.

For example, FidesJS is used to:

  • automatically configure the current user session with the applicable default consent preferences for their location (e.g. opt-out of data sales, opt-in to analytics, etc.)
  • show a consent UI component (banner, modal, etc.) to the current user with the applicable privacy notices for them to opt-in, opt-out, etc.
  • store the current user's consent preferences in a first-party cookie to remember their choices in future sessions
  • expose the current user's consent preferences via a simple Fides.consent JavaScript API to integrate consent into your own application
  • dispatch events on the global window (e.g. FidesUpdated, FidesUIShown) to easily sync consent changes to your application in real-time based on the current user's actions
  • integrate the current user's consent to other scripts via integrations with Google Tag Manager, IAB TCF, etc.
  • ...and more!

See Fides for how to use the window.Fides JavaScript API, FidesOptions for supported options to customize it's behavior, and FidesEvent for how to use window.addEventListener(...) to subscribe to custom Fides events for real-time updates.

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