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Consent Fundamentals: Privacy Notices

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In this document, we'll explain what privacy notices are and how they are used in Fides.

Privacy Notices

A privacy notice typically describes an organization's data processing practices and what website visitors can expect.

Often, this is the privacy policy of a website. However, any place where you serve a visitor information about your data processing activities as a part of gathering consent, is also a notice of your privacy practices.

Example of Privacy Notice

"This website uses marketing cookies and services to deliver personalized advertisements, promotions, and offers that are relevant to you. They help optimize ad delivery, measure campaign effectiveness, and enable advertisers to reach specific target audiences."

Note: another option which must be supported is "notice only." In this configuration, a visitor is presented with a privacy notice but not required to give explicit consent-only to be presented with your data processing activities.

Privacy Notices are text based messages that explain your data processing activities and practices.