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Fides Sample Project

Learning with the Fides "Cookie House" Sample Project

Fides comes packaged with a sample project, called the "Cookie House". The Cookie House is fictional e-commerce store designed to simulate a real application. The Cookie House can be used to test and quickly learn many of Fides' core features and workflows of the CLI and UI.

To simplify getting started with the Cookie House project, Fides comes with a deploy command, specifically to auto-deploy and configure the Cookie House project.

To start learning Fides with the Cookie House project now, read the Fides: Get Started tutorials.

Deploying the Cookie House

Running the fides deploy up command will deploy the Cookie House using Docker and provide a page with instructions for getting started.

For details, see:

The fides deploy up command

Destroying the Cookie House

Running the fides deploy down command will destroy the Cookie House sample project and all user created data. This makes it easy to restart again with a fresh project, allowing you to quickly try out various commands of Fides.

For details, see:

The fides deploy down command