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Basic CLI Features

Basic CLI Features

The command line interface to Fides is the fides command, which accepts a variety of subcommands such as fides init or fides generate.

We refer to the Fides command line tool as "Fides CLI" elsewhere in the documentation. This terminology is often used to distinguish it from other components you might use in the Fides product family, such as Fides Server or the various Fides connectors, which are developed and released separately from Fides CLI.

To view a list of the commands available in your current Fides version, run fides with no additional arguments:

Command Line
Usage: fides [OPTIONS] COMMAND [ARGS]...
  The parent group for the Fides CLI.
  --version               Show the version and exit.
  -f,--config-path TEXT   Path to a configuration file. Use 'fides view-
                          config' to print the config. Not compatible with the
                          'fides webserver' subcommand.
  --local                 Run in 'local_mode'. This mode doesn’t make API
                          calls and can be used without the API
  -h,--help               Show this message and exit.
  annotate   Annotate fides resource types
  db         Database utility commands
  delete     Delete a resource on the server.
  deploy     Deploy a sample project locally to try out Fides.
  evaluate   Compare your System’s Privacy Declarations with your...
  export     Export fides resource types
  generate   Generate fides resource types
  get        View a resource from the server as a YAML object.
  init       Initializes a fides instance, creating the default directory...
  ls         Get a list of all resources of this type from the server and...
  parse      Reads the resource files that are stored in MANIFESTS_DIR...
  pull       Update local resource files by their fides_key to match...
  push       Validate local manifest files and persist any changes via...
  scan       Scan external resource coverage against fides resources
  status     Sends a request to the fides API healthcheck endpoint and...
  user       Click command group for interacting with user-related...
  view       View various resources types.
  webserver  Starts the fides API server using Uvicorn.
  worker     Starts a celery worker 

The output from your current Fides version may be different than the above example.

To get specific help for any specific command, use the -h option with the relevant subcommand. For example, to see help about the "evaluate" subcommand you can run fides evaluate -h.

The inline help built in to Fides CLI describes the most important characteristics of each command. For more detailed information, refer to each command's page for details.