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Privacy Requests: Processing Requests

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This tutorial requires Fides Cloud or Fides Enterprise. For more information, talk to our solutions team. (opens in a new tab)


In this tutorial, you'll learn about the privacy request admin dashboard in Fides Control. You'll cover how to filter, search and view privacy requests.


For this tutorial, you'll need:

  • A Fides Cloud or Fides Enterprise account
  • The role of either Owner, View & Approver or Approver to manage privacy requests.
  • At least one system integration configured for privacy requests. Read how to configure an integration.
  • A privacy center to receive and process privacy requests. Read how to configure a privacy center.

Reviewing Privacy Requests

When privacy requests are received, they're registered in Fides as a New request available to view in Fides Control's privacy request admin panel as shown below:

Fides Control Privacy Request Review Panel

The privacy request admin panel features a set of controls to filter, search, and prioritize privacy requests as follows:

Filtering by Status

To filter privacy requests by their current status, use the Status filter as shown here:

Filter Privacy Requests by Status

Privacy Request Statuses

Identity UnverifiedRequest received from a user, but they have not completed the "identity verification" flow via email / SMS.
PendingRequest is ready for processing (verification complete or not required), but is awaiting approval or rejection in the Fides Admin UI
ApprovedRequest has been approved in Fides (either automatically, or via the Admin UI) and will be enqueued for processing as soon as possible
DeniedRequest has been denied in Fides and the user has been notified. No further action required
In ProcessingRequest was approved and has begun processing by executing all configured integrations
Requires InputRequest began processing and is currently waiting for data to be manually input via the Fides Admin UI
PausedRequest began processing but was paused by a policy webhook and is waiting to be resumed via a webhook
Awaiting Email SendRequest began processing and is currently waiting for the next scheduled batch email send (weekly)
CompleteRequest has completed all configured integrations, uploaded results to storage, and notified the user
CanceledRequest was canceled via the Data Right Protocol (DRP) API
ErrorRequest began processing and encountered an error in one or more integrations

Search by Request ID

Each privacy request is assigned a uniquely identifiable Request ID. You can search privacy requests by ID in the search field as shown:

Search for Privacy Request by ID

Filter by Date Range

You can filter privacy requests by date range, using the From and To date ranges as shown:

Filter Privacy Requests by Date Range

Toggle to Reveal Personal Identity

To minimize personal data risks, obfuscates personal identifiers in the UI by default. To reveal personal identifiers, you can toggle the Reveal PII switch as shown:

Toggle on PII

Download Filtered Report

To download a report of the currently filtered view of privacy requests click the Download button.

Download Privacy Request Report

View Privacy Request Details

To view the details of a specific privacy request, click the kebab menu ... and select View Details:

View Privacy Request Details

Privacy Request Details Page

The Privacy Request Details page displays:

  • Request ID: The unique ID for the privacy request.
  • Request Type: The privacy request type, such as access or erasure.
  • Policy Key: The privacy request policy being applied to the privacy request.
  • Status: The current status of the privacy request, including a countdown timer by when the request must be completed.
  • Subject Identities: The related identifiers for the subject that made the request.
  • Events Log: An activity log related to the privacy request.
Privacy Request Details Page

Next, we'll look at rejecting privacy requests.