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Fides Quickstart

This guide is designed to get you started with Fides running on your computer in as few steps as possible using a local sample project. Want to learn about configuration in-depth? Check out the basic installation or advanced installation guide here

To get started quickly with Fides, a sample project is bundled within the Fides that will set up the Fides Server, Privacy Center, and a sample application for you to experiment with.

To deploy and configure Fides in your own infrastructure, see the Pdetailed installation and use the available Helm chart or Terraform modules here.


For this guide you will need:

Download and install Fides

You can easily download and install the Fides demo using pip. Run the following command to get started:

pip install ethyca-fides

Deploy the Fides sample project

By default, Fides ships with a small project belonging to a fictional e-commerce store. Running the deploy up command builds a Fides project with all you need to run your first Data Subject Request against real databases.

fides deploy up
If running fides deploy as part of a local fides development environment, refer to the local documentation instead.

Exploring the sample project

When your deployment finishes, a welcome screen will explain the key components of Fides and the sample Cookie House store.

If your browser does not open automatically, you should navigate to http://localhost:3000.

The project contains:

  • The Fides Control admin UI for managing privacy requests
  • The Fides Privacy Center for submitting requests
  • The sample Cookie House eCommerce site for testing
  • A DSR Directory on your computer to view results

Run your first Privacy Access Request

Navigate to the Fides Privacy Center, type in the email address for the sample user (, and submit the request.

Then, navigate to the Fides Admin UI to review the pending privacy request.

Approve the request, and review the resulting package!

Next steps

Congratulations! You've just run an entire privacy request in under 5 minutes! Fides offers many more tools help take control of your data privacy. To find out more, you can run a privacy request on your own infrastructure, discover data mapping, or learn about the Fides Taxonomy (opens in a new tab).