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What is the GPC?

Global Privacy Control (GPC) is a technical specification for transmitting an opt-out request directly from a user’s browser.

The GPC specification was originally conceived to simplify the ability for a consumer to enforce their rights to opt-out of the processing or sharing of their personal data. However, it has had widespread global adoption, and as such, today, depending on the jurisdiction of the consumer, their GPC opt-out signal may refer to processing, or sale of personal information and more generally advertising.

For this reason, we recommend companies implementing the GPC to appropriately consider which categories of use the signal applies to depending on the jurisdiction, including US state regulations, such as CCPA and CPRA in California, VCDPA in Virginia, UCPA in Utah, as well as global regulations like Europe's GDPR and Brazil’s LGPD.

This tutorial explains how GPC works at a technical level, what the consumer experience, is and how to ensure you are complying with GPC signals for your business.