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Fides Requirements

Project Requirements

Want to quickly experiment with Fides? Use the demo application to go from "Zero to DSR Automation" in minutes!

System requirements

Fides consists of the following individual systems:

  • Hosted Database: A PostgreSQL database server used for permanent storage of configuration data for the webserver.
  • Hosted Cache: A Redis database server used as a temporary cache during execution and task scheduling.
  • Fides Webserver: The main application, which houses the Admin UI and API endpoints.

Production deployments may require a storage destination to store the results of completed privacy requests and the Privacy Center can be deployed as a pre-built and customizable portal for receiving privacy requests.

Read about configuring storage destinations here and configuring the privacy center here.

Fides requires a general purpose web server (e.g. for AWS EC2, a t3.small), and has no persistent storage requirements.

Version requirements

Fides supports the following Python versions:

  • Python: 3.8+

The following is supported as the application database:

  • PostgreSQL: 12

The following is supported as the application cache:

  • Redis: 6.2.0+

All of these must be installed, either locally or via Docker, before attempting to run Fides as an application. The CLI is capable of running with only the Python dependency.

Docker requirements

If using Docker, the following minimum versions are required: