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Fides 2.19 Release notes

September 5, 2023

New features & Enhancements

  • Fides Compass! Fides Compass is a privacy dictionary that is used to autocomplete system and data use information to speed time to compliance. Learn more here.
  • System history! Fides added the ability to access a system's history of changes from the History tab in the UI. A daily digest is also accessible via webhook.
  • System and data use form updates: forms for system info and data use declarations have been updated with many new fields that are commonly required for reporting in regions like the EU. Learn more here and here.
  • Configure email templates in the UI: you can now configure your email content directly in the Fides UI. Learn more here.
  • Added consent menu: Consent is now an item in the navigation menu and the pages for notices & experience are nested within this section.
  • SaaS integration template updates: all SaaS integration templates now have dedicated documentation that is linked to in the configuration form. Tooltips have been added to all fields. Learn more here.
  • Canadian consent support: Canadian regions have been added for use with consent notices and experiences. Learn more about configuring consent here.
  • Datasets can now be associated with systems or data uses: a dataset can be referenced at either the system-level or within particular data uses to surface annotated data categories in the data map. Learn more here and here.
  • Adobe Sign integration: added an integration for access requests for Adobe Sign. Learn more here.

Fixes and developer updates

  • Resolved an issue where the integration dropdown input lost focus during typing. #3917
  • The integration search dropdown is now case-insensitive #3916
  • Fixed dataset issue that was preventing the Vend connector from loading during server startup #3923
  • Fixed issue where unsaved changes modal appears incorrectly #4005
  • Fixed banner resurfacing after user consent for pre-fetch experience #4009
  • Fixed issue when generating masked values for invalid data paths #3906
  • Updated PyMSSQL version (2.2.8) #3996


Migration Notes

In Fides 2.19, we did some updates to how we handle fields across the product for better user experience. The following fields, which were part of the data uses on the Fides taxonomy, have moved to the data use declarations on systems:

  • Legal basis is now Legal basis for processing
  • Special category is now Special category data > Legal basis for processing
  • Recipients is now Third parties and accompanied by a new field, Shared categories

If any of these fields were populated on the taxonomy data uses, their values are automatically migrated to the system data use declarations when updating your system to version 2.19.

The following fields, which were part of a dataset, have been deprecated or moved. Where possible, the values will be migrated during upgrade:

  • Dataset > Joint controller is now System > Joint controller
  • Dataset > Geographic Location is now used to set This system transfers data to true
  • Dataset > Identifiability has been deprecated
  • Dataset > Retention period is now the Retention period on data use declarations

The following fields have been changed as indicated but values should be automatically migrated:

  • System > Geographic Location is now a boolean called This system transfers data but there's a sub-field to specify the legal basis for transfer.
  • System > Data protection impact assessment > Is required has been moved to This system requires Data Privacy Assessments and System > Data protection impact assessment > Link has been migrated to DPIA/DPA location
  • System > Data Responsibility Title has been moved to System > Responsibility
  • Data Use > Legitimate interest is deprecated.
  • Data Use > Legitimate interest impact assessment is deprecated, but existing value caused Legal basis for processing to be set to Legitimate interests and was also migrated to Impact Assessment Location