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Consent Management

Overview: Consent Management

In the following guide we'll explore what consent management is, why it's important and the various standards and requirements for consent. By the end of this you'll have a strong understand of consent and the common types of management systems and frameworks.

What is Consent Management?

Consent management is a system or process for allowing visitors to digital properties, such as a website or mobile app to decide what personal data they are willing to share with that business. Why is consent management important? Consent has become important globally because of an increasing number of regulations that require businesses to obtain legal consent for collecting data from a user.

Ignore consent at your own risk, and cost. Failing to comply with consent regulations has serious financial penalties and consequences for business.

Here are just four example of fines that could have been avoided if these businesses had a consent management platform in place:

  • Amazon fined $800M for targeted advertising that was carried out without proper consent.

  • Criteo fined $43M for targeted advertising without proper consent.

  • Sephora fined $1.2M for not complying with California data “sale” consent laws.

  • AOK Baden-Wurrtenberg fined $1.6M for sending marketing messages to just 500 people without consent.

Failing to comply with data privacy regulations can result in:

  • fines of as much as 4% of global revenue
  • a civil lawsuit brought by your customers
  • added legal, investigative and customer support costs to manage any failures
  • direct reputational damage to your brand at a time when consumers are increasingly distrustful of technology and data collection practices

Frequently Asked Consent Questions

Consent Configuration Quickstart

To get started configuring consent watch the in-depth consent tutorial here or watch the video below: