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Running Fides Server

Running Fides Webserver

The Fides CLI integrates with the Fides Server to provide a central solution for collaboration on privacy and data governance tasks for teams.

The Fides Server can be run locally, deployed to a cloud provider, or hosted by Ethyca. The Fides Server unifies all privacy resources and provides a UI for collaborating and simplifying privacy tasks. For details on how to configure and deploy Fides server read the Fides installation guide here.

Running the Webserver

The fides webserver command will use the first Fides configuration it can read from to determine default state and start the Fides Webserver.

With the Fides Webserver running, the hosted UI is available at http://{server_url}/ (e.g. http://localhost:8080/).

For details, see the fides webserver command.

Managing the database

The fides db command accepts several subcommands to manage the primary Fides database for the Fides Server. Where necessary this supports initializing the database or resetting the database to its freshly initialized state.

For details, see the fides db command.

Checking server status

The fides status command will make a request to the Fides server to check its health, current version and report back any possible issues.

For details, see the fides status command.