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About the user guides

Fides is a privacy intelligence platform designed to make it easy for legal, engineering, and compliance teams to collaborate and automate complex privacy compliance work. The following user guides walk you through using Fides for common use cases, like processing privacy requests and configuring integrations for your data map.

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Understanding your privacy obligations

Privacy regulations can be difficult to understand. Watch our CEO & Co-founder, Cillian Kieran, walk through the major requirements of privacy regulations across the globe and the steps it takes to comply.

Why is it called Fides?

Fides was the goddess of trust and good faith in Roman paganism. Fides represented everything that was required for "honor and credibility" in every aspect of Roman life. In addition to this, Fides means "reliability": reliability between two parties, which is always reciprocal. Fides stood out for her embodiment of this project's philosophy - to provide developers with a powerful tool to make privacy a default feature of any software.

If you'd like a brief Roman mythology lesson, check out Fides on Wikipedia (opens in a new tab).