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GPC Bonus: Data flows everywhere!

GPC Bonus:

Remember that not all data flows are from your website!

A common misconception with consent enforcement is that it relates to preventing cookies or pixels firing in your website. While this is absolutely true, it’s very important to remember that while some of your consumer’s data is transmitted to vendors from your website’s pixels and events, it is also possible that data is flowing from your back end systems and data tools.

As such, it is vital that you ensure you also record a consumers preference of consent in your back end systems and put in place so that backend dataflows are validated against this consent record to ensure that a user’s data is not accidentally misused in internal business processes.

Fides’ True Data Consent Enforcement ensures that you can respect the GPC, appropriately manage all front end cookies, pixels, and data sharing systems as well as create a record of consent for reporting, and integrations for your back end systems to automate enforcing consent for a user's preferences across internal business systems. For more information about how Fides True Data Consent Enforcement works, contact Ethyca's Privacy Solutions team (opens in a new tab).

If you're unsure how to setup GPC support you can ask the Fides Slack Community (opens in a new tab), or get Privacy Engineering Intelligence from Ethyca (opens in a new tab) now.