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Legal and Compliance

Legal and Compliance

When working in Legal/Compliance, you're constantly faced with the complexities of evolving privacy laws and the need to ensure your organization's compliance. This task is multi-dimensional and has three core ouputs .

Fides is designed with this challenge in mind. It assists in making your daily tasks more manageable and less time-consuming. Below is an overview on getting up and running with Fides.

Data Mapping, System Discovery and Data Inventory

The first step in your privacy journey is understanding what systems you have, what they are used for, and where your data lives. Ethyca's platform uses this information to to automatically generate legally compliant consent banners and architect Privacy Request flows.

For certain tooling like automated system detection, you may want to work with your IT/Engineering team to get credentials for the platforms you are scannning.

Handling Privacy Requests

After configuring the Privacy Request integrations after the systems are identified in the steps above, you may want to process and automate privacy requests. Note - most of the integration configuration is typically handled by IT or Engineering. In the below set of tutorials, we show how you can interact and handle privacy requests once configured.

Managing the Consent Banner

One of they key benefits of Fides is that is we automatically generate legally compliant language for most global regulations as you add the systems to your Data Map. The Consent Banner will automatically update without redeploying the FidesJS tag. In the below set of tutorials, we showcase how you can interact with your consent banner.