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Custom request fields


This document explains how to configure configure custom fields that will be collected for privacy requests.

Enable custom fields

To enable custom fields for privacy requests, please add following section to your fides.toml file:

allow_custom_privacy_request_field_collection = true
allow_custom_privacy_request_fields_in_request_execution = true

Configure custom fields

To add custom fields that will be collected for privacy requests, please add them to the Privacy Center's config.json file. You may specify:

  • A label
  • Whether or not the field is required for submission (defaults to true)
  • A default_value to pre-populate the field with a value
  • A hidden attribute to control whether or not the field is displayed in the privacy request form

Below is an example for adding the following 3 fields: First name, Last name, and a hidden field called Tenant ID.

"custom_privacy_request_fields": {
  "first_name": {
    "label": "First name",
  "last_name": {
    "label": "Last name",
    "required": false
  "tenant_id": {
    "label": "Tenant ID",
    "hidden": true,
    "default_value": "123"

Collecting custom field information

Once custom fields have been configured, your consumer will be presented with the new options when filing a privacy request.

For example, the configuration above would result in the following form options:

Privacy Notice Consent Enforcement

Reviewing custom field information

When reviewing privacy requests, the custom fields that were collected from the Privacy Center will appear in the privacy requeset detail.

Here is an example using the configuration above:

Privacy Notice Consent Enforcement