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Pull Requests

Pull Requests

Pull requests are the primary unit of work within the Fides project. All code changes are expected to be submitted via a PR with the following requirements:

  1. Completely fill out the provided pull request template.
  2. PRs should be in a draft state until they are ready for a final review + merge. A non-draft PR signals to the community that the author believes the PR is ready to ship! If you need early feedback on your PR, feel free to ask for it directly while your PR is in a draft state.
  3. Make sure that all checks are passing, and all boxes have been checked before taking the PR out of a draft state. PR reviews require other people to spend their time, so please be courteous and double check your work before passing it to a reviewer.
  4. If you're unsure about a potential feature implementation or there is anything else that needs discussing, feel free to ask for an early review/feedback in the comments of the draft PR.
  5. PRs should be focused, reflecting a single logical change or feature. Generally, it is better to have multiple smaller PRs than one big one. This reduces the merge risk and shortens review time.