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Fides 2.30.0 release notes

  • 2.30.0: February 20, 2024
The Enterprise tag indicates that features are only available for Enterprise customers. To review pricing and upgrade your plan, please visit our site (opens in a new tab) or contact us to learn more.

New Features & enhancements (2.30.0)

  • Consent: Added ability to store and read Fides cookie in Base64 format. #4556
  • Consent: Added new ability to trigger the Fides modal using window.Fides.showModal. #4617
  • AWS System Scanner: Added support for STS-issued AWS Credentials. #4603 #4608
  • DSR Logging: Structured logging for SaaS connector requests. #4594

Fixes and developer updates (2.30.0)

  • Fix rare zoom issue on datamap. #4601
  • Improve sytling of GPC label on consent modal. #4600
  • Remove easy consent banner or modal dismissal when clicking outside the overlay or hitting escape. #4606

New integrations (2.30.0)

  • Talkable: Access & erasure support. #4589