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Fides Configuration

Fides Configuration

Fides can be configured in two different ways: either via a toml file or via environment variables. Both methods can be used simultaneously, with environment variables taking precedence over the toml file values.

We've designed Fides so that an average user running Fides CLI interactively won't need to interact with any of the global Fides settings. As a result, most of the global settings relate to configuring the Fides server, providing credentials to systems, advanced CI integrations, configuring messaging service providers, storage destinations and advanced automation tools.

Viewing Fides Configuration

As part of configuring or debugging Fides it may be necessary to view the current configurations of the Fides CLI and Fides Server together. The fides view command is designed specifically to output the current configurations of a Fides instance for review.

For details, see:

The fides view command