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Fides 2.20/2.20.1/2.20.2 Release notes

  • 2.20.0: September 19, 2023
  • 2.20.1: September 20, 2023
  • 2.20.2: September 26, 2023
The Enterprise tag indicates that features are only available for Enterprise customers. To review pricing and upgrade your plan, please visit our site (opens in a new tab) or contact us to learn more.

New features & Enhancements (2.20)

  • System history UI, API, digest moves into GA: Fides added the ability to access a system's history of changes from the History tab in the UI and API. A daily digest is also accessible via webhook. Read more (opens in a new tab).
  • Fides Compass upgrades: Fides Compass now suggests both data uses & cookies and has added 500 more vendors. Read more (opens in a new tab)
  • Consent notices UI updated: Our consent notices UI has a new look, human readable geographies, and status indicators for all notices. Read more (opens in a new tab)
  • Gather custom fields in privacy requests: custom fields can now be configured and collected for use in privacy requests. Read more (opens in a new tab)
  • DNS records page: there is a new page called DNS records under the management menu where you can review and copy the CNAME records required to allow communication between customer networks and Fides.
  • Skipping collections and endpoints for DSR: when configuring DSR processing, you can now choose to skip specific collections or endpoints. Read more (opens in a new tab)
  • Fideslang 2.0: Fideslang has been updated to 2.0 with changes intended to better support consent use cases. Read more below in the Taxonomy updates section.

Fixes and developer updates (2.20)

  • Fides embeds CDN URLs in fides.js when they have been provided to Fides
  • Privacy notice templates are now disabled by default
  • Added case-insensitive privacy experience region filtering
  • Ensured that fides.js toggles are not hidden by other CSS libraries
  • An error toast has been added to toggles in various tables
  • Fixed a bug where an unsaved changes notification modal would appear even without unsaved changes

Fixes and developer updates (2.20.1)

  • Fixed performance issue where adding integrations slowed the data map response time, particularly when viewing a list of systems

Fixes and developer updates (2.20.2)

  • Added version_added, version_deprecated, and replaced_by to data use, data subject, and data category APIs #4135
  • Update fides.js to not fetch experience client-side if pre-fetched experience is empty #4149
  • Erasure privacy requests now pause for input if there are any manual process integrations #4115

Taxonomy updates

We released a major update to our Fideslang taxonomy in 2.20. To explore the updated taxonomy using our visual explorer, please go here (opens in a new tab).

For updated taxonomy elements, your information will be migrated when upgrading your application and any references to these elements throughout the application will be automatically updated in data use declarations, datasets, systems, privacy notices, consent components, policies, and rule targets.

Changes to data uses


  • Analytics for Content Performance: analytics.reporting.content_performance
  • Essential for Security:
  • Essential for Serving Ads: marketing.advertising.serving
  • Profiling for Advertising: marketing.advertising.profiling
  • Personalized Profiling: personalize.profiling


  • Improve.* is now Functional.* : Used for specific, necessary, and legitimate purposes
    • As a result, Improve service is moving: improve.systemfunctional.service.improve
  • Moved
  • Updated human labels and descriptions for: essential.service.operations,, and essential.service.payment_processing

Read more (opens in a new tab)

Changes to data categories


  • Account information: user.account.*
    • Account settings: user.account.settings
    • Account username: user.account.username
  • Authorization information: user.authorization
    • Account password: user.authorization.credentials.unencrypted
  • User content: user.content.*
    • Private content: user.content.private
    • Public content: user.content.public
    • User image: user.content.self_image
  • Purchase history: user.behavior.purchase_history
  • Fingerprint: user.biometric.fingerprint
  • Retina scan: user.biometric.retinal
  • Voice recording: user.biometric.voice
  • Criminal history: user.criminal_history
  • Fax number:
  • User website:
  • Language: user.demographic.language
  • Marital status: user.demographic.marital_status
  • Device cookie: user.device.cookie
  • Credit card information:
  • Birth certificate: user.government_id.birth_certificate
  • Immigration ID: user.government_id.immigration
  • Vehicle registration: user.government_id.vehicle_registration
  • Medical insurance ID: user.health_and_medical.insurance_beneficiary_id
  • Medical record ID: user.health_and_medical.record_id
  • User ID: user.unique_id
  • Pseudonymous user ID:
  • Imprecise subject location: user.location.imprecise
  • Precise subject location: user.location.precise
  • First name:
  • Last name:
  • Privacy preferences: user.privacy_preferences


  • Updated user.credentialsuser.authorization.credentials
  • Updated user.observeduser.behavior
  • Updated user.browsing_historyuser.behavior.browsing_history
  • Updated user.media_consumptionuser.behavior.media_consumption
  • Updated user.search_historyuser.behavior.search_history
  • Updated
  • Updated user.non_specific_ageuser.demographic.age_range
  • Updated user.date_of_birthuser.demographic.date_of_birth
  • Updated user.genderuser.demographic.gender
  • Updated user.political_opinionuser.demographic.political_opinion
  • Updated user.profilinguser.demographic.profile
  • Updated user.raceuser.demographic.race_ethnicity
  • Updated user.religious_beliefuser.demographic.religious_belief
  • Updated user.sexual_orientationuser.demographic.sexual_orientation
  • Updated
  • Updated user.geneticuser.health_and_medical.genetic

Read more (opens in a new tab)