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Engineering and IT

Engineering and Information Technology

As an Engineering/IT professional, managing the complexities of data privacy within a sea of other responsibilities can be challenging. Ethyca understands this struggle and built Fides to integrate smoothly into your existing infrastructure and technology processes.

Simplifying the process of privacy management, Fides allows you to stay focused on your core tasks, acting as a bridge between technical operations and legal compliance. We turn privacy management from a daunting responsibility into a seamless part of your workflow.

Data Mapping, System Discovery and Data Inventory

The first step in your privacy journey is understanding what systems you have, what they are used for, and where your data lives. Despite the many tools and databases you handle, Fides offers a singular, user-friendly platform that ensures privacy compliance is a smooth and uncomplicated task.

Configuring Privacy Requests

Engineering and IT are often tasked with configuring privacy requests and integrating with the multiple databases, systems, and third party SaaS Services. The below guides outlines how to configure Fides to fulfill privacy requests.

Additional Privacy Request Configuration

(Optional) Advanced Privacy Request Configurations and Topics

Deploying the Consent Banner

One of they key benefits of Fides is that is we automatically generate legally compliant language for most global regulations as you add the systems to your Data Map. The Consent Banner will automatically update without redeploying the FidesJS tag. In the below set of tutorials, we showcase how you can interact with your consent banner.