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Managing Resources

Command: delete

The fides delete command deletes a remote resource completely from the Fides Server.


Usage: fides delete [args] fides_key

The command will delete the remote resources specified by the fides_key from the Server.

Accepted arguments for this command are:

  • data_category: a specific category from the taxonomy. A valid example would be
  • data_qualifier: a specific qualifier from the taxonomy. A valid example would be aggregated.
  • data_subject: a specific data subject from the taxonomy. A valid example is customer.
  • data_use: a specific use of data from the taxonomy. A valid example is advertising.third_party.
  • dataset: a dataset that represents a collection of information in a system such as the collection of tables in a postgres database.
  • evaluation: the result of a policy evaluation check.
  • organization: the name of the organization defined in Fides.
  • policy: a Fides policy rule.
  • system: a specific system resource.

Example: Delete a specific system from the server

This example deletes the system specified by the key postgres_database from the server and displays all properties of the system.

$ fides delete system postgres_database
Loaded config from: .fides/fides.toml
{ 'message': 'resource deleted',
  'resource': { 'fides_key': 'postgres_database',
                'description': 'Fides Generated Description for RDS Instance: postgres_database',