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SDK Reference

Interface: FidesEvent

FidesJS dispatches a variety of lifecyle events to the global window, making it easy to subscribe to an event stream to keep your application updated in real-time. Each of these events extends the standard CustomEvent (opens in a new tab) interface and include a detail object with various properties that can be used for inspecting current consent preferences, generating analytics, etc.


window.addEventListener("FidesUpdated", (evt) => {
  console.log("Received 'FidesUpdated' event! Current consent preferences: ", evt.detail.consent);

See the list below for information on what events are dispatched (and when!) and the detail reference for the available properties.

For more information on working with these kind of CustomEvent objects in the browser, see the MDN docs: (opens in a new tab)

List of FidesEvent Types

  • FidesInitialized: Dispatched when initialization is complete and the current user's consent preferences - either previously saved or applicable defaults - have been set on the Fides global object.

  • FidesUpdated: Dispatched whenever the current user's consent preferences are updated on the Fides global object due to a user action (e.g. accepting all, applying GPC). The

  • FidesUIShown: Dispatched whenever a FidesJS UI component is rendered and shown to the current user (banner, modal, etc.). The specific component shown can be obtained from the detail.extraDetails.servingComponent property on the event.

  • FidesUIChanged: Dispatched whenever the current user changes their preferences in the FidesJS UI but has yet to save those changes (i.e. "dirty").

  • FidesModalClosed: Dispatched whenever the FidesJS modal is closed.


  • CustomEvent


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detail: Object

Event properties passed by FidesJS when dispatched. Depending on the event type, some properties may or may not be set, so most of these are marked as optional.


window.addEventListener("FidesUpdated", (evt) => {
  if (evt.detail.extraDetails?.consentMethod === "accept") {
    console.log("Current user clicked the 'Accept' button!");

Type declaration

consentRecord<string, boolean>User's current consent preferences; see Fides.consent for detail.
fides_string?stringUser's current consent string; see Fides.fides_string for detail.
extraDetails?{ servingComponent?: "banner" | "modal" | "tcf_banner" | "tcf_overlay" ; consentMethod?: "accept" | "reject" | "save" | "dismiss" | "gpc" }Extra event properties, for additional context.
extraDetails.servingComponent?"banner" | "modal" | "tcf_banner" | "tcf_overlay"Which FidesJS UI component (if any) caused this event.
extraDetails.consentMethod?"accept" | "reject" | "save" | "dismiss" | "gpc"What consent method (if any) caused this event.