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Configuring Global Privacy Control (GPC)

Consent Management: Configuring Global Privacy Control

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This tutorial requires Fides Cloud or Fides Enterprise. For more information, talk to our solutions team. (opens in a new tab)

In this tutorial, we'll review how to configure the Global Privacy Control (GPC).


For this tutorial, you'll need:

  • A Fides Cloud or Fides Enterprise account
  • The role of Owner or Contributor for your Fides organization.
  • At least one system with a data use on your Data Map. Read how to add systems to the Data Map now.
  • At least one privacy notice configured. Read how to configure privacy notices now.

Enable Global Privacy Control (GPC)

To enable global privacy control for a privacy notice, navigate to ConsentNotices to view a list of available privacy notices or create a new notice.

Select the privacy notice you would like to add GPC support to.

Navigate to the configuration to toggle whether this privacy notice should conform and respond to the Global Privacy Control. Learn more about the Global Privacy Control here.

Privacy Notice GPC Configuration
Important note about GPC

Any privacy notice that has GPC signal enabled means that when a visitor has GPC opt-out on their browser set to true, they will be immediately opted out for the associated data process.