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Consent User Experience

What is the right user experience for consent?

Given the various methods of consent, the user experience for a visitor to a website can vary substantially depending on the user’s location.

In some locations, the user may be presented with a banner or pop-up that asks them to explicitly provide their consent for the processing of their personal data, while in other locations a user may be have the option to opt-out of the processing of their data by clicking a link somewhere on the website or app to manage their consent.

Using the correct user experience to notify a user of your data processing activities and collect their consent is vital to complying with privacy regulations and demonstrating you can be trusted by your visitors.

What is a Consent Management Platform (CMP)?

Many businesses rely on a consent management platform (CMP) to organize and monitor their customers’ personal data.

A consent management platform is built to handle the various types of consent that might be required based on the location of your visitor. A CMP tracks how your business processes data and the applicable regulations to ensure that a visitor is presented with the correct privacy notices in the appropriate user experience to ensure that consent is correctly collected on behalf of your visitor.