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Fides 2.35.0/2.35.1 release notes

  • 2.35.0: April 29, 2024
  • 2.35.1: May 6, 2024
The Enterprise tag indicates that features are only available for Enterprise customers. To review pricing and upgrade your plan, please visit our site (opens in a new tab) or contact us to learn more.

New Features & enhancements (2.35.0/2.35.1)

  • Data map reporting: A new column is included in the beta data map reporting feature that lists data categories that are present on datasets, but not explicitly included in the privacy declarations of a system that reference the dataset. This can be used to report on and correct inconsistencies between your datasets and data map.
  • Parallel DSR Processing: Also known as DSR 3.0 scheduling, Fides now supports running DSR tasks in parallel, where possible, thanks to first-class request tasks. #4760
  • Pre-approval webhooks: Fides now supports webhooks that can be fired when a privacy request is created and used to determine whether or not requests can be automatically approved. Use the requests to check conditions such as the existence of a legal hold and if your checks indicate that requests can be automatically processed, reply to the webhook with this information to automatically approve requests.
  • Fides CMP: Update fides_disable_save_api option in FidesJS SDK to disable both privacy-preferences & notice-served APIs. #4860

Fixes and developer updates (2.35.0/2.35.1)

  • Fides CMP: The fides.js CMP now supports the fides_clear_cookie option to load the CMP without preferences on refresh. #4810
  • Fides CMP: The fides.js CMP now publishes a FidesUpdating event. #4816
  • Fides CMP: The fides.js CMP now supports a new reinitialize method. #4812
  • Fides CMP: Fixed several issues with the display of the language selector in the CMP UI. #4815
  • Fides CMP: Fixed an issue where the GPP US National section was included without specifying the National approach in the Fides consent settings. #4825
  • Fides CMP: Update GTM datalayer to match supported FidesEvent Properties. #4847
  • Fides CMP: Fix handling of some ISO-3166 geolocation edge cases in Privacy Center #4858
  • Privacy requests: Ensure only GVL vendors from Compass are labeled as such #4857
  • Privacy requests: Address issue processing DSRs not approved before upgrading to 2.34.0 #4855
  • Dataset generation: Fix sslmode bug for Redshift connections when generating datasets #4849

Integrations (2.35.0/2.35.1)