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Fides 2.33.0/2.33.1 release notes

  • 2.33.0: April 1, 2024
  • 2.33.1: April 2, 2024
The Enterprise tag indicates that features are only available for Enterprise customers. To review pricing and upgrade your plan, please visit our site (opens in a new tab) or contact us to learn more.

New Features & enhancements (2.33.0/2.33.1)

  • Submit privacy requests from the Fides Control admin UI: You can now submit access and erasure requests from the Fides Control admin UI making it easier than ever to accept requests from other sources like email address and still process and fulfill them using Fides. #4738
  • Delete properties: You can now delete properties that you created but no longer need to keep your workspace clean and reflective of where you accept consent. #4708
  • Fides.js overrides: The Fides CMP now supports overrides from the website it is embedded in. For large scale deployments where small customizations per site are required, the title, description, privacy policy link and the primary color of the CMP UI can be overridden using values from the window object. #4743
  • Switch consent languages: The Fides CMP banner now supports switching between enabled languages with a language picker. When experiences are configured to allow users to select languages, then this toggle will be shown on banners allowing users to pick an appropriate language. #4737

Fixes and developer updates (2.33.0/2.33.1)

  • Custom privacy requests fields now support lists. #4686
  • Update GPP API to set -1 when users visit a site from a location where GPP does not apply. #4727
  • Privacy experience banners that aren't dismissible also prevent scrolling on the underlying page. #4748
  • Show a "systems displayed" count on datamap map & table reporting page #4752