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Initializing Working Directories

Initializing Fides Configuration Files

Fides can be configured in two different ways: either via a toml file or via environment variables. Both methods can be used simultaneously, with environment variables taking precedence over the toml file values.

Fides Directory

The Fides working directory is typically a hidden .fides directory, which will contain the fides.toml configuration file.


Running the fides init command will initialize a working directory that contains a Fides configuration toml file . After that initialization, you will be able to perform other commands, like fides push and fides evaluate.

If you try to run a command that relies on initialization without either first initializing or having environment variables in place, the command will fail with an error, alerting you that you do not have environment variables configured.

Initialization performs just the basic tasks of creating the .fides directory and a .toml configuration for your Fides project.

For details, see:

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