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Fides 2.26.0/2.26.1 release notes

  • 2.26.0: December 11, 2023
  • 2.26.1: December 13, 2023
The Enterprise tag indicates that features are only available for Enterprise customers. To review pricing and upgrade your plan, please visit our site (opens in a new tab) or contact us to learn more.

New Features & enhancements (2.26.0)

  • Consent Settings (New): Added new page to view TCF settings and configure TCF vendor purpose overrides. #4484 #1240
  • Consent Reporting (Beta): Added new page to download consent reports to CSV. To try this out, enable "Consent reporting" beta feature from the "About Fides" settings page. #4488 #1247
  • Prevent dismissal of consent banner & modal: Added configuration option to prevent users from dismissing the banner/modal without first saving a consent preference. Contact support to enable this or learn more! #4470
  • TCF consent vendors table update: Improved the consent vendors table to group vendor purposes, data uses, and legal bases when TCF is enabled. #1236 #4456 #4477 #1244
  • TCF notice update: Added ability to override which TCF purposes are allowed in the TCF notice. #1240
  • TCF modal UX update: Added pagination to the TCF modal when viewing vendor lists. #4463

Fixes and developer updates (2.26.0)

  • Removed Global Vendor List (GVL) and Google Additional Consent (AC) vendors from the data map table and graph pages to improve performance. #1241
  • Improved consent API performance by caching TCF experience data for 60 minutes by default. #1223
  • Fixed an issue where the data map table would not show rows without data categories. #1245
  • Fixed various issues related to preventing edits to GVL systems. #4471 #4475
  • Fixed an issue saving large numbers of consent preferences. #4469
  • Improved focus border colors on inputs across UI. #4467

New integrations (2.26.0)

Fixes and developer updates (2.26.1)

  • Fixed an issue with date filters for consent reporting. #1263