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Fides 2.14 Release notes

May 30, 2023

Fides for Business 2.14.0


  • Data map: Improved handling of systems and data uses with no dataset references.
  • Data map Improved handling to ensure that data use (privacy) declarations that differ only in name are not excluded from the data map.

Fides OSS 2.14.0


  • Data categories on manual processes: The manual process definition for access requests now supports data categories which will enable categorization in access request files in future releases.
  • Snowflake dataset generation: Improved handling of Snowflake object casing and quoting in dataset generation. #3245 (opens in a new tab)
  • Audit Logs: Added optional, basic audit logs for POST and PUT requests #3331 (opens in a new tab)

Connector updates

  • Delighted: Updated the connector so the survey_response endpoint depends on the person endpoint. #3385 (opens in a new tab)
  • Email notifications: Email based connectors now respect the notifications.notification_service_type configuration variable #3355 (opens in a new tab)


  • The export CLI command was removed.