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Fides 2.25.0 release notes

  • 2.25.0: November 29, 2023
The Enterprise tag indicates that features are only available for Enterprise customers. To review pricing and upgrade your plan, please visit our site (opens in a new tab) or contact us to learn more.

New Features & enhancements

  • Consent reporting improvements: Added more detailed tracking of the "method" used to save consent preferences (e.g. gpc, accept, reject, save, dismiss). #4419
  • Consent modal UX update: Improved UX to only include a single "save" button when only one notice is enabled, instead of also showing extra "accept" and "reject" options. #4441
  • Consent API enhancements: Added support for both TCF string encoding versions (bitfield and range encoding) on server APIs. #1225
  • CMP GPP API: Added initial support for GPP stub and serving TCF strings via GPP. #4431 #4433
  • Data use deletion warning: Added a confirmation modal when deleting data use to warn users. #4439

Fixes and developer updates

  • Improved performance of consent API and CMP UI when a large number of vendors are enabled. #1227 #1223
  • Granted permission to manage domains to Contributor users. #4438
  • Removed support for wildcard domains such as * for security. #4438 Learn more (opens in a new tab)
  • Improved initialization speed of the TCF CMP API. #4453
  • Improved experience for adding system information from Compass. #4437 #4428
  • Fixed issue initializing legitimate interest preferences when providing a fides_string override param. #4430
  • Fixed issue where consent modal could initialize preferences incorrectly when not loaded via the Fides Cloud CDN. #4451
  • Added a warning message when deleting datasets that are used by other resources #4406