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Adding a Dataset via the CLI

In this guide you will learn how to add a Fides dataset via the Fides CLI. Read more about datasets here or read how to add datasets via the Fides Admin UI here.

Adding a dataset using the push command

The fides push command allows you to quickly add YAML datasets from your working project directory to the Fides server.

Usage: fides push [options]

The command will parse all the local system and dataset YAML documents in the .fides/ working directory and then persist any changes to the Fides Server.

The command-line flags are all optional. The following flags are available:

  • --dry - Only validate the syntax of system and dataset YAML but prevent persistence of any changes on the Server.
  • -diff - Output any changes between server and local resources as part of the command output response.

Example: No options provided

This example validates all systems and datasets in the .fides/ working directory and pushes them to the Fides server.

$ fides push
Loaded config from: .fides/fides.toml
Loading resource manifests from: .fides/
Taxonomy successfully created.
Processing system resource(s)...
PUSHED 4 system resource(s).
Processing dataset resource(s)...
PUSHED 1 dataset resource(s).

Once you complete this step if you navigate via the Fides Control admin UI to the Dataset editor you will see your dataset in the list.

To view the list of available datasets go to the Fides Control admin UI and navigate to Data mapManage datasets.